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At Starlitbaby our products are conceived, designed and manufactured by a mom who knows the multiple needs during pregnancy and parenting and advocates practicality, simplicity, delicacy and lots of health with textures. And the NEW BORN Pack is one of those perfect combinations to give the gift of health and texture to the mother-to-be and her baby.

The Starlitbaby Newborn Baby Gift Set is a Starlitbaby Limited Edition set that includes a pack of 3 Starlit Muslin Constellations design made of 100% organic bamboo and certified by OEKO TEX and GOTS+. Ergonomic Pillow & Cover to help prevent cranial asymmetry and is certified by the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics.

Newborn pack features

  • Starlitbaby Limited Edition Newborn Set is a unique, unusual, yet healthy and textured gift.
  • Ideal gift for new moms who may be surprised by the simplicity and great utility of this set.
  • Uses Muslin: its size 58×58 is perfect for a multitude of functions such as being able to cover the newborn baby in its bed, in its stroller, carrycot, or in maxicosis. Perfect for breastfeeding, as a burp cloth or hygiene and grooming. They are made of Bamboo fabric which gives them an indescribable softness; in addition, it is made of only two layers of Bamboo and that makes it very light and comfortable to use on a daily basis.
  • Uses Pillow: perfect for cribs, mini cribs, bassinets, bassinets, beds and bassinets. It is a pillow that is made of viscoelastic with a unique foaming formula throughout Europe to help the correct cranial development of newborn babies who tend to develop postural plagiocephaly due to a multitude of factors. Starlitbaby Ergo pillow is the safe choice for parents and recommended by pediatricians as it is certified by the German Institute for Health and Ergonomics and also has the OEKO-TEX certification for environmentally friendly manufacturing.
  • Muslinmeasures: 58 x 58 cm; 150 grams 3 units.
  • Recommendedage for Muslin: indefinite.
  • Pillow measures: 26 x 22 x 3 cm; 300 grams.
  • Recommendedage for the pillow: from 0 to 4 months (use can be extended according to the baby’s needs).
  • Material Muslin: made of 100% organic Bamboo SoftTouch and certified by OEKO TEX and GOTS.
  • PillowMaterial : MemoryFoam viscoelastic interior and SoftTouch velour exterior for maximum comfort, softness and respect for babies’ delicate skin.


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