Comfortable, practical and elegant

The package arrived very quickly, the morning after the order was placed.
It was well packed and had no breakage.
When I opened the box, I saw that the pillow was vacuum-packed.
It is a soft and pleasant to the touch pillow.
It was a gift for my nephew. He seems to like it very much, and his mommy does too, since he sleeps hugging his pillow as if he was sleeping with a stuffed animal, because of its moon shape.
The nice thing about the pillow is that the tail comes off, and it becomes a regular pillow when you want it to.
Also, since it is not very high, it adapts very well to the neck and head of the little one, so he does not sleep in an elevated position.
There was one detail that caught my attention, and that is that the name of the brand is embroidered with thread and it looks very nice and sophisticated.
The truth is that it is a 10 product.


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